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Introduction To The Enigma Files

After the invasion of 2012, the governments of many countries paid off the aliens that invaded Earth with Human sacrifices to be used in genetic manipulation, which was the main cause to why Earth was invaded in the first place. The governments found it not difficult to select the sacrifices, since all they had to do was weed out those not loyal to their country.
Since the year 2012, the collation of the Enigma Files, which is best, described as a hybrid of X-Files and Men In Black, if you even watch television, has collected information about the invasion and the birth of new species on the planet Earth. Enigma, which being formed under the Alliance Of A Free Earth, is a joint group of countries who refuse to sacrifice Human life to the aliens, which we properly call the Grey's.
The Alliance Of A Free Earth, which is composed up of the countries of Germany, Russia, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States of America, have done all that they can do to oppress their boarders from fleeing immigrants whom are currently under alien control. These six aligned countries have been devastated by alien weaponry and still refuse to surrender. But even with the success of breaking away from the Grey's, our countries are still in danger of attack of the Grey's, or angry Human’s, whom have become victims of mutation.
Many cases came forward that the Grey's were actually trying to destroy the Human race without the weapon, but with the needle instead. We have cataloged thousands of attempts to hybrid Human DNA/RNA with various alien DNA, but all attempts have failed since our species is young, and our bodies can’t handle to stress of metamorphism. We know by 2013, the Grey's have successfully transformed the first Human being with an inhumane medical restructuring. We are able to bring his story to life so well, for we have kept a wary eye upon him when our agents have discovered that he survived the Grey inhumane techniques of genetic re-constructor with delay results, which would have serious impacts to his community.
We know his name, but since he is under the protection of the UN Human/Alien Protection Treaty Act of 2013, we can only give his first name. Jake, being only twenty, was a rebel, but a law bidding rebel. Jake never stole, lied, or killed in his life, unlike many other rebels before him. The only reason why Jake was targeted by his government was because he has a long history of neglect to the government laws. First, Jake never signed up for the military, and then never filled out with taxes. Finally, Jake resisted arrest and disappeared for a while.
Eventually, the government caught up with Jake, captured him and turned him over to the Grey's. From what we know, the aliens probed Jake, checked his immune system, and finally figured to use Jake’s body as a testing rod for a new machine the Grey's developed. It’s this machine, which the Alliance Of A Free Earth wants to find badly. We fear that the Grey's may have developed hundreds of these machines around the globe, due to the amount of new hybrids appearing daily.
The Grey's had plans for Earth and its inhabitants, but all their medical experiments have failed, pushing the human genome to unprecedented lengths. The aliens, over many trials and errors, believed they have come up with the ultimate device to deliver the Human’s into rapid evolution. This would be that machine, which was tested on Jake. It’s to our knowledge that the alien genetic machine, which we code name AGM, may actually be off the coast of three alliance countries, which would be United States, Australia, and Germany. It’s uncertain if these claims are true, we only can base our information off the level of our intelligence. For starters, the aliens restricted themselves to organic species of the planet Earth. Many attempts were done to fuse Human DNA with alien DNA, but have failed miserably thank goodness.
The key area to operate the device is underwater as we know, but we understand by information that AGM has also been reported on the surface of land, but always near water. Unlike many attempts where they completely change the human in the lab, they seem now to prefer to operate halfway, and let evolution take the rest of its course.
With what we know, we can only hope that we soon find all these laboratories and remove them, but since the Enigma Project is still very young, we will remain to the facts, and let the Alliance Of A Free Earth decide if we should go to war!


Chapter 1) The Enigma Files
The world has gone dark ever since the enemy came from the heavens and began a hostile attack on the planet. No one knew what they had come for, but in a few days, it was apparent…they did not come for water or air. They did not come for trees or minerals…they came for us. Not us individually, but they came for your bodies. No one really knows, but it would seem that the aliens came to Earth to experiment on the human species…turning them into…something. Their strike was swift and exact as the governments of the world fell and the countries that did not conform, burned!
Nowhere was safe. The cities turned into harvest points and the towns like gardens…it did not matter where you hide, they came for you eventually! It has been only a few months and the Earth was already 2 billion humans lighter. The survivors either joined the rebellion or turned into lab-rats. Young men were called to service as Jacob, or commonly called Jake packed a bag and looked at a map to find the safest route. He has been planning an exodus to Warsaw to join the rebels and avenge his slain mother and father. Stargard was just not safe anymore!
“Jake!” yells a man as he bust through the door. “We got to go! The Sentinels are in Szczecin!”
“Szczecin!” Jake gasps as he knows that is close, it is only 20 miles west of Stargard. He throws his pack together and looks at his friend. “Warsaw is nearly 260 miles away!” Jake states as he and his friend step outside to see the town hustling.
“A train is heading to Warsaw in Bogatynia…it will go around the Grey controlled territory and sneak us in.” his friend says.
“Bogatynia? Isn’t that nearly…”
“160 miles through Grey territory…yeah…sucks!” he comments. Into his friend car, as Jake’s own car was destroyed in the attack. “Hopefully we can go undetected.”
“Let’s pray!” Jake comments as he takes the passenger seat as the friend takes the driver seat. His friends’ siblings arrive and sit in the back.
Driving concerned down the highway, looking for spaceships…Jake looks at his map and sees Bogatynia shaded red. “Bogatynia is Grey controlled…isn’t it risky?”
“That is the idea…” his friend shows a transponder in the car, “Ripped it off the traitors car when they were killed. This thing is supposed to get us into the territory without issues.” he looks at Jake who is uncertain. “Well, that is the hope!”
The drive went well until they came into the quiet town of Zgorzelec, all the people in this town was gone, taken in the last Calling. Looking across the city to the border of Germany and the town of Gorlitz, the four travelers watch something silver flying in their general direction. They all look at the object and their spirits are grounded as Jake’s friend floors in for a place to hide the car. Watching, the object begins to look like one of their own as it flies over the German town and into Zgorzelec. The object then slows as items are dropping from the bottom of the plane.
“What is those?” Jake’s friend wonders as he sees the plane bank and looks at shiny objects falling towards them.
Jake looks at them and has a terrible feeling, “They look like bombs!” and instantly after saying that the world around them explodes and the car is lifted off the ground and thrown in an array of fire and metal that pierces his body as gravity brings them back down with a crash in a massive pit. It was a bomb, a massive bomb from the Cold War and it just put an end to Jake’s friends…all whom died in the blast. It was actually Jake’s friends’ body that shielding him from the blast and left him alive, and the two in the back was crushed when the car fell onto its trunk.
Jake kicks at the door and then with a snap, it unhinges and he falls out into the hot soil. Bloody and in pain, he looks around and then at his friend. “Lagow!” he calls out, and checking his vitals, Lagow and his siblings are dead. Looking around, Jake knows the trouble he is in. He is deep in enemy territory as he walks the road to Zgorzelec in the middle of a snowy winter. Walking ankle deep in snow, he is cold and shivering as he sees the farming town of Kozmin before him and sees smoke pouring out of one of the chimney’s. The Restauracja Biesiada as it is called, calls his attention as he knocks on the door. An old man opens the door, trembling, but regains his confidence when he sees Jake, but then sees his bloody form.
“I need a place…” is all that Jake manages to say as shock takes him and the man drags the young man’s body inside. The misses walks over at looks at Jake.
“Is he with the resistance?” she asks the old man whom is her husband.
“I don’t know…prepare a bed in the back.” he says as he drags Jake’s cold body to the fire. Jake slept for what seemed like a long time and even a few times the couple needed to bundle the man up as the chills were on him. Six days later, Jake was awake enough to be aware.
“How long have I been sleeping?” Jake asks the Droga’s.
“Six days,” Mr. Droga says. “It is the new year son.” he says as he pours Jake a cup of coffee.
Jake takes a moment to comprehend, “The new year?” he comments. “I was asleep for six days straight!”
“Not straight…you awoke a few times, but then lost consciousness.” Mr. Droga states. “What happened to you…ah?”
“Jake…” Jake states as he recognizes the look, “Jacob Aquas of Stargard.” he states as he takes the coffee. He hates coffee, but so thirsty, he’d drink this vile beverage. “We were ambushed by a plane who bombed Zgorzelec back to the Stone Age!”
“Sorry to hear that.” Mr. Droga states. “Where were you heading?”
“Bogatynia…to sign up for the…ah…” Jake hesitates. Mr. Droga pats Jake on the shoulder.
“It’s okay…my son too is in the resistance in Warsaw.” he says as Jake looks relieved. “You still have a ways to go.”
“Yes…” Jake states.
“I know the chief…I will take you there now if you like?” Mr. Droga states. Jake smiles and nods as Mr. Droga helps the young man up and walk outside to his car and off they go to the city. Jake looks in his window and sees that he too has a device that his friend Lagow had. “The city is swarming with Sentinels…so you must be extremely careful, mostly at your age!”
Jake looks confused, “I am far too old for the calling, only slave labor.” he states, remarking that the calling affects children from age 5 to 19.
“They may not know…you must been blessed with good genes as you look to be in your teens!” Mr. Droga states.
“20 actually, but thanks.” Jake smiles as the conversation turned weird. Driving into the mining town of Bogatynia, Mr. Droga looks in a general direction.
“Over there is the recruitment office…don’t be followed and the password is AOAFE Wolność.” Mr. Droga says as he looks back at Jake, “Find Mr. Droga and tell him that his mom and dad are doing fine.”
Jake nods, “Will do so, thank you Mr. Droga.”
“You are very welcome Mr. Aquas.” Mr. Droga states as he watches the young man walk over to the place he suggested to.
Knocking on the door, the voice calls. “Tak?”
“I am here for the AOAFE Wolność…” Jake says as he stands talk, but ready to react too. The door unlocks and opens and a man looks at Jake.
“AOAFE Wolność?” he asks.
“Tak…” Jake replies back in Polish, meaning, yes. The man studies him and shrugs and lets he pass through. Inside, Jake looks around and sees a desk with two armed guards standing at attention. Jake walks gingerly to the desk where a woman sits.
“Name?” she states, quite formal.
“Jake Aquas…I am here…” Jake tries to say.
“Have a seat Mr. Aquas!” she barks as the two guards watch him. “Where you from Mr. Aquas?”
“Stargard madam.” he states, trying to be formal.
“What is your age Mr. Aquas?” she asks as she records the information into a computer. Jake looks at it odd, all technology was wiped out in the EPM blast on July 27th, but tries not to look to concern, they might think he is a spy.
“I am 20 years old madam.” Jake states.
“Do you have any genetic imperfections Mr. Aquas?” she asks.
Jake looks queer at her thinking ‘what a personal question’, “Just asthma madam. I have the exercise induced one.” the woman looks up and at him. “I am trying to get to Warsaw…”
“Very well then, I see no reason why you can’t be drafted…we have a few ‘precautions’ that you must go through.” she tells Jake as the two guards walk over and stand at the ready, “We have had a few infiltrators, so you are to strip from your civilian clothes and dress into our uniforms, there you will be taken to a compartment on train to head to your next destination.”
“Sounds good.” Jake says as he is guided by the guards to a changing room where he is handed grey pants and shirt. Jake thinks it is an odd choice of colors, but puts them on, glad to be out of his sweaty, bloody, grimy clothes. Walking to the train, the security is tight, Jake wonders how all this can be kept away from the aliens? The operation gives him hope in the AOAFE as the guards show him to his room.
It is simple, a small box with a toilet, sink and bed…like a prison cell! There are graffiti on the table with names and the date of the Calling. There are messages of hope and grief…what the hell was this train carrying?
Laying down in the bed, the trauma of the past few days and fear has made him really tired as he closes his eyes and feels the train slip out of the station and go down the track. Clickity-clackity as the rails sing their hypnotic sound. As the train swayed, Jake fell asleep and remained asleep for hours until the train roared into a station at a halt. Immediately hoping up to see what is happening, he looks out the window and is lost.
Where is he? This did not look like Warsaw! A sign off in the distance reads: Prague. ‘Prague? Why am I in Prague?’ Looking out of the window, he sees Sentinels marching human cargo onto the train. ‘Oh my god!’ he thinks, ‘This is a Grey transport! I am going to the Calling!’ the realization finally sinks into Jake’s mind of what he got himself into. His very plans to escape the Grey’s has been in vain ever since he left Stargard with his friends who were not trying to join the military, but join the Grey’s!
Watching the Austrians being loaded onto the train, some look at him and they immediately look away as their spirits have been broken and it hurts him greatly. They are chained together like prisoners…marching single file into the compartments like cattle into the stall. Why did he not get such treatment? Maybe his being here wasn’t as bad! Nothing has happen to him, and he is actually being treated well. Maybe, just maybe somehow he enrolled in the servant program without even knowing it. Sitting back on the bed, his anxiety rises once more as he is not sure what he is going to do now. The train begins to move once more as they pull out of the massive city of Prague. Heading east through Prague 11, they are speeding along the countryside to their next destination.
Crossing into the Czech Republic, he gets to see countryside that he never thought in his lifetime he would see. The train stops briefly in the city of Jihlava and picks up more passenger’s as it continues southeast down the rails. Into Znojmo, a town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic…they stop for more passengers and then head south back into Austria to Vienna where they refuel and pick up more passengers. Jake looks outside to the Sentinels guarding the train and then there is a commotion as a father refuses to let his child go. He struggles with the human collaborator and then with a blue flash of fire, the father flies back into the crowd, dead.
Vienna had always been the city of inspiration and arts, like Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud, but also the home of Schönbrunn…a city of prominent golden age ideas and Dark Age rhetoric. Jake thought about attending college here, but he never wanted to be a prisoner on a slaughter train like in the 1940s when the Nazi’s rounded up individuals whom did not conform to the Nazi ideology.
With the train on the move again, they headed south until they arrived at Furstenfeld and then turned west, heading into the foothills of the Austrian wilderness. Higher they climbed into the mountains, Jake did not know where he was, but if he knew, the mountain he was looking at was Monte Sernio, a mountain in the Carnian Alps, part of the Eastern Alps, with an altitude of 2,187m. Austria was known for its excellent skiing and snowboarding and the train was heading there as it was heading for Italy.
A knock on the door had Jake on his feet as the door unlocked and Jake looking at a young man with food. “Mr. Aquas?” he asks him.
“I take it we are not headed for Warsaw?” Jake comments as the servant does not know what he is talking about. He just walks in and lays down the tray of food. “What is this?”
“Lunch…you must be hungry?” the young man says. Jake listens and the ascent is unknown to him.
“You’re not from Poland are you?” Jake states as he walks over to the plate and sure enough it is food.
“No sir, I am from Spain.” he states.
“Spain!” Jake remarks, surprised that a Spaniard is this far out. “Where is this train headed again?”
“Spain sir.” the young man states; wanting to go badly.
Jake looks at the door, “Close the door.”
“Can’t!” he quickly states, “Guards control the doors sir.” He states. “Anything else?”
Jake looks at the food and then outside, “Yes, where are we right now, I don’t recognize this mountain range.”
“That is the Carnian Alps sir…” he immediately steps outside when one of the Sentinels steps into the door. “Enjoy your lunch sir.” he says as he quickly steps out. Looking outside to the snowcapped mountains, he wonders why he is going to Spain. The Calling was normally done in France! Maybe this was a loyalty test? But then why are the guards dressed up as Sentinels? Why they illusion? It was an illusion he wanted, but feared that he truly was on a Calling train, riding to his death!
Crossing over the Carnian Alps into Italy, the train picks up speed. Lately, the Italians have been targeting the Calling trains and the train needed to get out of Italy as fast as possible. The trip took a few hours as they neared the refuel station in Milan, Italy. The train slows down as it enters the metropolitan city of 1.251 million souls. Milan, like Vienna was once a cultural hub of fashion and design. It also served as Italy’s stock exchange and was one of the cities targeted for bombardment. In one hour, 1.251 million souls was reduced to 63 thousand souls, and every week, that number drops by nearly 10 thousand for the Calling.
Pulling into the station, the train is attacked by gunfire as militants with the Italian resistant open fire and storm onto the train. Jake sees his chance to escape as the gunfire echoes in the hallway outside as he tries to open the door, but it is locked and he can’t get it opened. He goes to the window and with his tray, he smashes it against the window, trying to get out, bur the glass won’t even crack. A stray bullet hits his window and only makes a ding, does not even crack the glass. Looking around, he looks for a way out as the train jerks and he is thrown down onto the ground. He can feel the train moving once more as it begins to pull out of the station.
Jake now knows the glass won’t break, the door is secured with more than a deadbolt and there seems to be no escape panels in this room…a secured box…a prison cell. Jake realized that the only thing that was going to get him out of the room is when the door opens, but he’d never escape with the Sentinels waiting outside.
Jake opens his pack and pulls out a notebook and decides to write to pass the time. He thinks, ‘Now what to write?’ he thinks and then comes up with an idea. ‘I’ll record my travels…I will call it…Enigma Files…’ Enigma Files made sense to him as the term covered secrecy and aliens. His words needed to be kept secret as he thought of a code to keep his thoughts private…he certainly did not want the enemy to know he was writing about them!
He came up with the code:


--Kht Tpacjn Iaxtz-- as an example.

Since my capture at Bogatynia, Poland, I was tricked into service thinking that I was joining the resistance and headed to Warsaw, but instead headed to the Czech Republic where we picked up more prisoners and continued onward to Prague where we picked up more prisoners and continued south to Austria.
I hear rumors that this train, three forth of the time,  never make it to Spain; for terrorist are known to remove tracks around sharp mountain turns and when the train docks, terrorist are known to open fire. The Alliance is never kind to the un-aligned nations, treating us as if we are already un-Human…it disheartens me!
Our travel through Austria is where most of the bombings occur. Germany looms up in the North, Switzerland looms in the west, pancaked between them; the Alliance members make Austria an unstable country. Even though Austria is not part of the Alliance For A Free Earth, this country does harbors some of the deadliest terrorist cells on Earth. I do not condone them if they kill me on this trip as I too once hoped to join the Polish resistant.
Anyhow, our train makes it safely to Vienna, and there we pick up Austria’s sacrifices. The train leaves around two in the afternoon to the country of Italy. In my life, I’ve never been to Italy, only seen it in books given to us by the Polish Government. By nine at night, we arrive in Italy. Italy is rumored to be where most of the accidents occur on this travel, and by now, I wish for an accident. The train cars are packed full with smelly Human bodies of all sizes and weights, yet here I am in a room as if I was in first class.
I refused to eat alone and the guards take me from my comfort and to the holding pens where the others are. Although I don’t like close compartments, this room is not as secured as the room from which I came from and if we are ambushed again, I might be able to escape this time. I am currently suppressed by a four hundred pound woman from Austria who talks non-stop about her fourteen cats, which will probably starve to death in their home in Schwechat.
The Sententials forget about me, to my joy as the nighttime hours overtake us and it is about two in the morning, the train came to a screeching halt. I hear that the conductor of the train spotted a loosen track ahead and applied the emergency brakes. I am afraid and also eager for this to be an ambush as I try to get back to my feet. That is about when gun fire hits my train compartment like rocks pinging off metal. One bullet goes right through the puny skull of that four hundred pound Austrian woman, laying her down dead, her eyes still gazing in horror. I try to push the dead body out of the way, but I can’t, I am trapped, and ironically, it is her dead body that shields me from the assault.
Hearing the blast and gunfire…I hear a new sound, like a whooshing, angry bee flying towards as and the whole compartment explodes. I hide low as Human and Sentential body parts rain onto my body. As the fight wages outside, I see that the prisoners are escaping out of their cars, and leaving us behind to die at the hands of radical French rebel group whom is launching explosives into our car and at the train in general. I squirm as best as I can, but I cannot move the four hundred pound mammoth off of my legs.
As the rebels retreat, I watch as the Sentinels turn the tables with their precise firepower, the call is sent out to the people of the town of Nice to surrender. But knowing the heart of a slave, they will never surrender, not if they are already dead; so they run, scream, cry, and after a spray of blue electricity, they are all vaporized and die.
When the survivors are rounded up, and placed in the remaining cars, the train tracks are repaired and we continue our perilous journey through war torn France. The train hits speeds of seventy miles per hour as we tear through the countryside towards the French town of Agen…we are told when we arrive, not to move for if we do, we will die...a new train awaits us and then off to Spain.


Jacob (Jake)(Kathryn)(Tirvitz) Aquas -- Cysautisticfibroasthmamer
Age 20(8) -- Born in Stargard, Poland; Jake was abducted by the Greys in Bogatynia, Poland at the age of 20 when he was sacrificed for The Calling. After coming to the US, Jake was regressed into an 8 year old boy. At the age of 10, Jake transformed into a female called Kathryn and takes the form of a bottlenose dolphin-human Hybride. Kathryn is romantic for Katharina’s son, David.

Michelle (Tirvitz) Aquas -- Hybride
Age 32 -- Working for the AOAFE, she helps Jake escape death and takes him to Seattle Children’s Hospital where she adopts him and Joseph and returns to Ocean City to raise them with her husband.

Mark Aquas -- Human
Age 39 -- Working for the AOAFE in Europe, he returns to his wife and two children and then uses an abandoned alien ship to take Joseph, Jake and David into seclusion and collect other mutated children.

Joseph Crone -- Zystischefibromer
Age 25(9) -- Born in Tacoma, Washington in the United States; Joseph was contracted by Children’s as the building maintenance worker. A cut infected him and he triggers the Star Child device advancing the mutation to David, Lyra and Jake. Joseph is adopted by Michelle and Mark Aquas, but retains his birth name.

David (Katharina) Johnston Dry -- Katharina'lenn'ira'merranic'cline Asthmatisher
Age 23(7) -- Born in Olalla, Washington in the United States; David is a volunteer with Childlife Services when he is locked on the fourth floor with Dr. Viju. David goes hand to hand with Mr. Wanger and is injured in Jake’s room where he too is infected. David is adopted by Kathryn and Rohan and after he transforms into a female, they join the Aqua’s on the ship.

Kathryn Dry
Age 49 -- Nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital, she knew David when he was a child and when he transformed back into a kid, she adopted him and helped him with his transformation into Katharina. She is married to Rohan Dry who served in the military.

Rohan Dry -- Human
Age 52 -- Intelligence officer for the AOAFE, serving in France. When the Grey war was over, he returned home and helped track down other mutants to bring aboard the ship.

David Dry -- Asthmatischer Child
Age 12 -- Son of Katharina Asthmatischer, from Seattle, Washington. Named after David Johnston, he is unable to remain with his mom, David is given to Rohan’s brother, John Dry and his wife Lisa who befriended Katharina. No one is sure if David will suffer the same fate as his mom.

Lisa Dry -- Human
Age 29 -- The mother of David Dry, she lives in Seattle with her husband John. She is good friends with Katharina Asthmatisher and also Lira Serena.

John Dry
Age 32 -- The father of David Dry, he lives in Seattle with his wife Lisa. John has been kept in the dark about the Hybride just like his son David.

Tinten Fisch Crone -- Zystischefibromer Child
Age 11 -- Son of Joseph Crone, Tinten currently lives in Bremerton, Washington along with his dad, Joseph Crone.

Lyra (Lira) Serena Serane -- Asperfibromer -- Siren Queen
Age 29(7) -- Born in Seattle, Washington in the United States; Lyra volunteers at Seattle Children’s Hospital where she was infected by Jake’s DNA and regressed into a 7 year old. She is adopted by Dr. Abermert Serane and later, Dr. Viju who marries Abermert. Lyra confronts Nancy and takes away her Siren infection and becomes the new Siren Queen

Delyn Asthfibrosis Serane -- Siren Child
Age 8 -- Daughter of Lira Serane. Lives in Alaska.

Abermert Serane -- Triton Queen
Age 59 -- General Medicine physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Dr. Abermert was Dr. Tirvitz superior and best friend. He adopts Lyra Serena and they remain at the hospital. He marries Renee Viju. Lachinko attacks Seattle and his daughter takes away her abilities and becomes the new Siren. Abermert is transformed into a Triton, a male siren queen

Renee Viju Serane -- Siren
Age 55 -- Fourth Floor Physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She married Abermert and raises Lyra until the Siren’s attacked Seattle. Renee was transformed into a siren with her husband by her daughter when she matured.

Nancy Lachinko -- Siren Queen
Age 37 -- Born in Tokyo, Japan; she moved to New York City just after the Grey War began. She was promoted to Admiral and was serving as European Commander when she was abducted and transformed into a Siren…she was taken to the Alaskan Lab where she took over the base and launched an attack on Seattle, Washington to mate.

Lloyd Wagner -- Human Asclepius
Age 49(1) -- Agent of the CDC…Lloyd came to Seattle Children’s to stop an infection and will do anything to stop Jacob, Lyra, Joseph and David from ever escaping and reproducing in a new species of humans. The Asclepius children activated the Star Child device and turned him into an infant and being taken care of to become the fifth generation of Asclepius guardians for the hospital.



Keeper Of The Fire
Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: Earth
Favourite genre of music: All Except Rap
Personal Quote: Give A Man Fire & He'll Be Warm For A Day Set A Man On Fire & He'll Be Warm For Th


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